Young Preschool

Our Young Preschool is for children two and a half  to to three and a half.  ​Children must be reliably potty trained.  Our Young Preschool room is a gentle introduction to school.  We work on becoming familiar with routines and adults who are different from mom and dad.  Young preschoolers will have opportunities to paint, play outside, sing songs and make new friends!


​Our preschool is for children aged three to four, with at least one full year before Kindergarten.  This is a perfect time to introduce school!  Preschoolers will have many opportunities to make friends, do art, make music and explore outside.


Pre-K is such a fun year!   Our program is designed for children their year before they start Kindergarten.  We provide many opportunities to become familiar with school routines, early literacy, beginning math and science and being a friend.

The Curriculum

The curriculum of Morning Glory Preschool is developed around non-denominational Christian Values and traditions and developmentally appropriate practice. We emphasize Christian values with an emphasis on developing kind and loving children. Morning Glory’s goal is to help each child grow as a whole person who can learn to value and care for others. We provide a warm, accepting, and loving atmosphere where children come to learn about themselves, others, and God’s world. It is our commitment to foster each child’s self-esteem and self-confidence by encouraging hands on learning and creative play.

Our teachers use God’s Little Explorer’s curriculum, The Beginner’s Bible and The Creative Curriculum, as well as drawing from their own ideas and knowledge.

Hands-on activities and experiences are planned weekly, based on emerging themes. Emergent Curriculum is responsive to children’s interests and encourages meaningful learning experiences. Children thrive and learn best when their interests are captured and learning occurs naturally.