Why choose Morning Glory for preschool?


Our curriculum!  We completely embrace our Fruit of the Spirit curriculum.  It’s a foundation of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Our staff!  We care about you and your child. We want your family to have a successful experience at our school.  Please call or stop by anytime to talk about your child.

We follow the traditional school year calendar.  Our first day of school is the Tuesday after Labor day and our last day is the  Friday before Memorial day.

We offer early drop offs and late pick ups to extend your child’s school day!  Breakfast Crew, Lunch Bunch, Amazing Athletes and Fun with Rhythm Instruments are all fun for kids and allow parents to have some extra time in their day.

We offer year round enrollment.  This means if your child turns 2 1/2 in November, he or she can start in November.  You don’t miss out on an entire school year because your child “didn’t meet the cut off”.

Small class sizes! Our two large classrooms have a capacity of 16 children, our smaller classroom has a capacity of 8 children.

A small environment!  Our Pre-K classroom  has one teacher to 12 children and our Preschool class has one teacher to 10 children.  Our smaller classroom will have one adult to no more than 8 children.

Convenient location! Our midtown location, at 301 East Drake, is an easy commute from most of Fort Collins and even Wellington and north Loveland.  We’re close to shopping, coffee, parks and gyms to pass the time while children are in class.

Affordable tuition!  Our goal is to make a quality preschool affordable for families.  In addition, we offer year-round enrollment starts and flexible days.

Please let us know if you’d like to talk to a current parent reference.